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NITI Aayog has been maintaining the NGO DARPAN since January 1st, 2015. NITI Aayog is inviting all Voluntary Organizations (VOs)/ Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to register on the portal. VOs/NGOs significantly contribute to the nation’s development by complementing governmental efforts. This portal simplifies the process of central enrollment for VOs/NGOs, thereby establishing a comprehensive database categorized by sector and state. 

The portal enables VOs/NGOs to acquire a unique identification number instantly upon registration. This identification number is obligatory for applying for grants under different programs offered by Ministries, Departments, and Government Bodies.

Who can Register on NGO Darpan Portal?

The NGO Darpan portal allows the registration of the following entities:

  1. NGOs
  2. VOs
  3. Charitable Societies
  4. Charitable Associations
  5. Charitable Trusts
  6. Section 8 Companies

Please note that individual registration is not permitted on the NGO Darpan portal.

Eligibility criteria for NGO Darpan registration 

The process of NGO registration online check is crucial to verify eligibility for NGO Darpan registration. This involves assessing legal status, social development focus, and regulatory compliance. By ensuring authenticity, it maintains credibility and transparency in NGO registrations. This step strengthens the sector’s effectiveness and deters fraudulent entities.

 Here are some common points that might make an NGO eligible:

  1. Legal Status: The organization should be registered under a suitable legal structure, such as a society, trust, or nonprofit company.
  2. Non-Profit Nature: The NGO must operate on a non-profit basis, with its activities primarily focused on social welfare and development.
  3. Mission and Activities: The organization’s objectives and activities should align with the social or developmental sector, showcasing a clear intent to contribute positively to society.
  4. Valid Documentation: The NGO should have all the necessary legal documents, including registration certificates and other relevant approvals.
  5. Governance: The NGO should have a functional governing body or board of trustees, ensuring transparent and accountable management.
  6. Financial Reporting: Timely and accurate financial reporting is essential to demonstrate responsible financial management.
  7. Impact: NGOs with a proven track record of making a positive impact in their chosen field are often preferred for registration.
  8. Compliance: The organization should adhere to relevant laws and regulations governing NGOs in the country.
  9. Transparency: Demonstrating transparent operations, including information sharing, can enhance eligibility.

NGO Darpan Registration Process

NGOs and VOs planning to secure grants or assistance from the central or state government are obligated to carry out registration on the NGO Darpan portal. In order to be eligible for government funding and FCRA registration, NGOs and VOs must complete the registration process on the NGO Darpan portal and acquire the unique Darpan certificate or ID.

Here is a breakdown of the steps for NGO Darpan registration:

  1. Begin by visiting the official website of NGO Darpan.
  2. On the homepage, locate and click on the ‘Login/Register’ button.
  3. Opt for the ‘Sign Up’ choice.
  4. Fill in the NGO/entity’s name, mobile number, and email, then proceed by hitting the ‘Submit’ button.
  5. Provide the contact person’s name, mobile number, and email. Enter the received OTP and click ‘Submit’.
  6. Input the PAN number of the NGO/entity.
  7. Create a password and login to access the portal.
  8. Key in comprehensive NGO/entity information, including name, PAN, address, email, registration details, FCRA information, and then save the information.
  9. Add member details, such as name, date of birth, designation, mobile number, Aadhaar number, and save the information.
  10. Furnish information about the source of funds, crucial contact details, working area, and save these details. A notification confirming 100% profile completion will appear.
  11. Following profile completion, the NGO Darpan portal administrator will review the provided documents and send an email to the applicant for unique ID generation.
  12. Log in to the portal, follow the instructions provided in the email, and generate the unique ID.

It is important to note that this procedure must be followed actively to ensure successful NGO Darpan registration.

What is the Process of NGO Darpan Registration Online?

  1. Access the NGO Darpan Portal:

   Begin by visiting the official NGO Darpan website at

  1. Initiate Sign-Up:

  Upon reaching the NGO Darpan homepage, click on the Sign-Up button to commence the new registration process. Next, create a user ID and password, ensuring you save these login details for future use.

  1. Obtain Login Credentials:

   Once your login details are set, proceed to the registration icon or button. Furnish all essential details related to your NGO. Some of the pertinent information includes:

  1.    The name of your NGO or Volunteer Organization (VO).
  2.    PAN (Permanent Account Number) of the Organization.
  3.    Provide a copy of the PAN.
  4.    Names of the Secretary, Treasurer, and Chief Functionary.
  5.    Accurate contact details along with PAN information. 

       4.OTP Verification:

   Following the submission of the aforementioned details, an OTP (One-Time Password) will be sent to your registered mobile number, supplied during the application. Use this OTP for verification and to set up a new password.

  1. Enter Registration Details:

   After logging in, input registration specifics, including:

  1.     NGO type classification.
  2.    Relevant governing act under which NGO registration is conducted.
  3.    City of registration.
  4.     Registration date.
  5.    Registration number.
  6.    Duration of registration validity.
  7.    Upload a copy of the registration document.
       6.Multiple Registrations, if Applicable:

   If there are multiple registrations, provide corresponding details for the 2nd and 3rd registrations. These details mirror those stated earlier.

  1. Specify Focus and Operational Area:

   Outline the sectors of focus and the primary issues your Non-profit Government Organization intends to address, along with the designated operational area.

  1. Provide Comprehensive Address:

   Furnish the detailed address of your organization’s headquarters.

  1. Submit with Self-Declaration:

   Concluding the process, click the submit button after affirming the accuracy and truthfulness of the information you’ve provided.

NGO Darpan Registration Documents Required 

For NGO Darpan registration, the necessary documents include:

  1. Registration certificate of the NGO/entity.
  2. PAN card of the NGO.
  3. PAN and Aadhaar cards of three executive committee members of the NGOs.

NGO Darpan Registration Documents And Benefits

 NGO Darpan registration Benefits

Registering on the NGO Darpan portal offers the following advantages:

  1. Facilitates interaction between NGOs, VOs, and government departments.
  2. Enhances the credibility and reliability of NGOs and VOs.
  3. A unique ID becomes essential when applying for government grants.
  4. The NGO Darpan collaborates with government ministries and departments, ensuring prompt updates on grants.
  5. Smooth data transmission from the government to NGOs and VOs nationwide is enabled.
  6. NGOs and VOs gain access to details and updates about new government initiatives, projects, schemes, and past progress.
  7. Supports the establishment of a comprehensive repository of information about VOs and NGOs.
  8. Registration validates eligibility for multiple grants.
  9. Contributes to the positive image and reputation of the NGO/VO.

Important Considerations to Remember:

  1. The NGO Darpan scheme portal is a valuable resource for NGOs in India. It provides a centralized platform for NGOs to access information about grants, submit grant applications, and monitor the progress of their applications.

    In order to be eligible for grant applications, NGOs must first complete the NGO registration in India online process on the NGO Darpan platform and establish a unique identification. The registration process can be completed by following these steps:

    1. Go to the NGO Darpan website.
    2. Click on the “Register” tab.
    3. Enter your organization’s details, such as the name, address, and contact information.
    4. Upload the required documents, such as the registration certificate, trust deed, and PAN card.
    5. Pay the registration fee.

    Once the registration process is complete, NGOs will be able to access the NGO Darpan portal and start applying for grants.

    Here are some important things to keep in mind when registering for the NGO Darpan scheme portal:

    • The website has restrictions on the use of specific characters, such as ‘.’, ”, apostrophes, and ‘=’. Users can refer to the ‘?’ for guidance on these restricted characters.
    • Passwords must be composed of a minimum of six characters, including at least one uppercase letter and one numerical digit.
    • When submitting registration certificates, it’s important to ensure that the file size is less than 2MB to facilitate successful uploading.
    • During the submission of a trust deed, applicants are specifically required to upload copies of the initial page and the page that contains the signature, and not the entire document.


Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about NGO Darpan registration along with their answers:

Q: What is NGO Darpan?

A: NGO Darpan is an online platform created by the Government of India to provide a comprehensive database of registered NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) operating in the country.

Q: Why should I register my NGO on NGO Darpan?

A: Registering your NGO on NGO Darpan allows you to gain visibility and recognition as a registered organization. It also helps the government and other stakeholders track and monitor the activities of NGOs for transparency and accountability.

Q: How can I register my NGO in NGO Darpan?

A: To register your NGO on NGO Darpan, you need to visit the official website, create an account, and provide necessary details about your organization. This information will be verified by the concerned authorities before approval.

Q: What documents are required for NGO Darpan registration?

A: The required documents typically include the NGO’s registration certificate, memorandum of association, articles of association, PAN card, and address proof.

Q: Is there a fee for NGO Darpan registration?

A: No, the registration on NGO Darpan is free of charge.

Q: Can foreign-funded NGOs register on NGO Darpan?

A: Yes, foreign-funded NGOs can also register on NGO Darpan. They need to provide additional information, including FCRA registration details.

Q: How long does it take for NGO Darpan registration to be approved?

A: The approval process can take a few weeks to months, depending on the verification process and workload of the authorities.

Q: Can I update the information about my NGO on NGO Darpan?

A: Yes, you can update your NGO’s information on the platform whenever there are changes, such as contact details, projects, or key members.

Q: What benefits do registered NGOs get from NGO Darpan?

A: Registered NGOs can access various government schemes, funding opportunities, and collaborations. They also gain credibility as a recognized organization.

Q: Is NGO Darpan registration mandatory for all NGOs?

A: As of my last update in September 2021, NGO Darpan registration is not mandatory for all NGOs. However, it is recommended for those who wish to avail of the benefits and opportunities provided by the government.

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