6 Pillars of Making NGO Successful

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6 Pillars of Making NGO Successful

It is probably not a big surprise. Leading a nonprofit organization can feel completely awesome. And the biggest reason is that it can be hard for nonprofit leaders to manage many things which their organization needs.

If you look a little closer you’ll see that in reality there are only five things… five pillars… that a healthy and thriving nonprofit handles well.

Just five.

So are you ready to lighten your load? Feel some weight come off your shoulders?

Let’s dive into the five pillars of a thriving nonprofit.


The first and most important thing is your mission and vision. You should know what is your goal? either you want to work for the welfare of children, empowering women, or for old age people. You are supposed to be very clear about your objectives. You can not do all the things at once. Start with one goal and work steadily for that, then slightly move toward other programs.


The “People” pillar is all about the team you have and how your teamwork together.

Regardless of the number of full-time staff, every nonprofit has a group of people who do the work. Board members, volunteers, and if you are lucky, a bunch of paid staff.

Your people are your top priority. Only very good people can do very good work. And of course, only great people do great work.

Your job is to constantly assess the capacity of your people and to be ready to take action.

Taking action means don’t hesitate to fire people who are just passing time and doing nothing for the growth of an organization and of course! reward those who are working hard for the organization.


The two things you are required to ask yourself when it comes to your programs are these:

  • Are they mission-centric?
  • Do they show a clear and measurable impact?

Only launching a program is not enough. For example, my organization launched a program “UDAAN” for girl child education in slum areas of Delhi.

When I asked my program manager what is the strategy to encourage children to attend your program as most of the children in that slum work as domestic help with their parents.

I asked my team to offer free evening meals with a few other gifts and ask mothers to send their children to attend our program.

Keeping your programs on mission requires discipline and sometimes difficult decisions.


All the nonprofit organizations are working for the noble cause of doing something good for society. All the efforts and programs planned by the NGO need proper strategic planning to become successful.

For example, if your NGO works for the Well being of old age people and you are planning to start an old age home.

Only having the space for old age home is not enough, old people need proper medical supervision, proper help for their daily needs. They need proper physical training as well.

So plan an old age home keeping all the things in mind and build and trined your team accordingly.

A proper strategy can make your programs successful and attract donors to donate to the organization.


Operation excellence is equally important as making a good strategy. Nonprofits more depend on the donor for funds. Your operation excellence can impress them to make them repeat donors and encourage others to donate for your cause.

Let’s continue with the example for old age home, if a donor comes to visit and finds all the old people are happy your team is taking proper care of them. They have all the of the services of their need like medical help and helpers to assist them. There are chances of getting a good donation which you can further spend on those needy old people.


This is not last because it is least important. It’s last because it’s the story you tell about the other four. Mouth publicity is also very important. Do good work with your whole heart so people can share good thoughts about your organization with others.

This will make your organization popular and people will start recognizing your NGO.

Be honest, listen to your heart, and keep up doing good work for society.

I will end with a saying “ Kaun kahta hai assman main surakh nahi hota, ek pathar to tabiyat se uchalo yaron”.